Time Plus Networking = Pot of Gold

Time Plus Networking = Pot of Gold

Spending decades in an industry, or maybe just on this planet, gives you a gift. Like having a quiet little stock account that happens to grow into quite a pot of gold. A network! The sheer number of people with whom you meet and work, learn from, sell to or just make friends with grows exponentially. By keeping in touch with them, whether regularly or not, you create a network of allies and friends. There are men and women in our network ranging in age from 20 to 90. People we’ve just met in the last few months, and people we have known for 40 years. We had dinner in Philadelphia last month with a woman with whom we worked over 15 years ago. Though we hadn’t seen each other in years, our conversation launched as if it was one of Elon Musk’s rockets to Mars. We met one of our most recent clients while she was an economist at one of our asset management firm clients in the early 80s. Today, she leads an emerging management firm with one of the most innovative investment approaches we’ve ever seen. And, we have the honor of working with her again.

If you are moving to any one of the major financial centers, we can probably introduce you to at least a half-dozen people. If you want the best Korean restaurant in LA, a vegetarian restaurant in Chicago, or one of the glitziest, best service restaurants in the world, we might know. (You have to try Gabriel Kreuther’s on 42nd Street in New York – love the choreographed service!) If you want to hire a CEO, put someone on a not-for-profit board for music, kite surf in Northern California, acquire contemporary art, visit a dude ranch…yes, we know someone. If you need a real estate agent, tickets to the Pacific Symphony, an investment fund for Frontier Markets, performance attribution, capital to launch an asset management firm, chances are we can help you find someone who can help. A CFA candidate for a job? Can do. An internship suited for your college student’s skills? We will try.

People in New York, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Minnesota, Alaska, Guam, Texas, California, Iowa, Missouri, Canada, Washington, DC, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, China, London. Artists, scientists, investment managers, chefs, compliance officers, relationship managers, musicians, consultants, private equity investors, bartenders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, attorneys, doctors, pilots, real estate moguls, art collectors. Who wouldn’t love what we do!

We also meet young people all the time – nieces, nephews, daughters, sons. They visit our offices with resumes in hand, smiles and questions. Some of them come in for that one visit, and we never see or hear from them again. Others come in bearing cookies for the team, shake everyone’s hand, write a thank you note, let us know how the meetings went with the people to whom we introduced them, and send a LinkedIn note a year or two later. Guess who will enjoy the pot of gold from networking in no time?

Network with joy. It is the most wealth you will ever build. We celebrate our Network every day!

Charnley & Røstvold, Inc., a preeminent marketing consulting firm to asset management firms ranging in size from start-up firms to some of the world’s largest investment firms with over $1 trillion under management. Charnley & Røstvold helps clients with competitive positioning, marketing strategies, key messages, presentation refinements, communications and sales training, consultant relations and client service programs.

Jackie Charnley, co-founder of Charnley & Røstvold, Inc., is a popular industry speaker and author. Jackie serves on the ICMA-RC Board, a not-for-profit company serving the financial needs of over one million public employees. She was also a founding board member of PAICR (Professional Association for Investment Communications Resources).


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