Charnley & Røstvold focuses exclusively on helping investment management and pension consulting firms retain clients, grow assets and build successful, well-diversified businesses. All programs are based on the original principles on which the firm was founded:

  • Institutional investors are smart, knowledgeable, skeptical and deserving of the best investment talent
  • The best investment talent is not always the best communicator
  • Successful communication strategies are based on authenticity, brevity and clarity
  • A strong marketing culture guided by a strategic marketing plan is essential for growth and success in today’s competitive environment

Charnley & Røstvold, by working as a team with a few select clients, can help investment firms achieve, and in best cases exceed, objectives. Our programs are customized to suit each client, and include:

  • Competitive Positioning – Organizational assessment, strategic direction and business/marketing plans
  • Internal & External Communications – Key messages, presentation development and refinement, client communication materials and client/consultant surveys
  • Presentation Coaching & Best Practices in Presentations – Preparation, delivery and debrief; rehearsals for final presentations, due diligence, prospect or client meetings, for both individuals or teams

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